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The Ultimate Employee Appreciation Gift: A Vacation

Jun 27, 2023

Employees work hard all year, often going above and beyond to ensure the success of their company’s projects, clientele, and more. Honor their work, show your appreciation, and acknowledge employees’ accomplishments this year with exciting gifts. Incentivize their hard work ethic and dedication to the company throughout the year with travel gifts, paid vacations, and other fun employee incentive programs.

The Value of Employee Incentive Programs

Incentive programs enhance employee satisfaction, encouraging maximum effort and dedication. Reward those hard-working members of your team with the gift of travel. Gifting employees a trip is the perfect way to show how much they mean to the company while also giving them an outlet to relax, de-stress, and enjoy themselves. Be sure that once they return from their trip, they’ll be revitalized and ready to share their maximum effort with the company again. That is certainly a win, win.


Travel Gifts and Employee Recognition Programs

Who doesn’t love to travel? There are different traveler types – adventurers who love exploring, those who prefer leisure breaks, cultural and history lovers, foodies, and party destination travelers. One thing they all have in common is their love to travel in some form – it could be to a village in the countryside or on another continent. That’s why travel gifts are always great for employee recognition programs.


Best Travel Gifts to Inspire Your Employees

Giving employees the chance to take vacations can inspire them to be more creative. Taking time off work helps clear the mind, relieve stress, regain energy, and, most importantly, relieve burnout.

Examples of fantastic travel gifts to inspire and support your employee's well-being include easy one-night vacation escapes, round-trip Economy air from Continental U.S.A. or Canada to Alaska or Hawaii, seven-night cruise voyages, five-night cruise voyages, and more!


Summer Break: The Perfect Time for Employee Vacations

Summer break is the perfect time to offer travel incentives to high-performing employees. Employees with kids home for summer break will likely be even more motivated to earn those incentive programs.

Support employees and show appreciation by helping them maximize their time. Companies can drive greater efficiency during work hours by offering early Friday finish times if employees complete all their work early. Also, promote cross-department time coverage and training benefits employees, so they can better cover for one another when someone is on vacation or taking PTO.


Curating Unforgettable Experiences for Your Employees

Summer vacation benefits both employees and the companies they work for. Rewarding employees with summer vacations boost productivity and shows them you care for their personal lives and well-being.

Think outside the box with the help of Choose-You-Gift. We can provide unique travel gift ideas to delight your team. Create a system for employee appreciation that values their hard work and dedication to their daily tasks but also addresses their personal time and need to switch off from work.