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Celebrate Your Team with Over 50,000+ Employee Holiday Gifts

This holiday, we’re helping you upgrade your gifts with over 50,000+ brand name gift options for your employees, partners, and clients! We know how important it is to show gratitude to all the hard-working individuals who make each day count, which is why at Choose-Your-Gift®, we offer an extensive selection of employee holiday gifts that are designed for every person, everywhere, every time.

Our scalable corporate gift program allows you to provide employees with gifts they can redeem within minutes. We make shopping, shipping, and managing your gifting programs easy with convenient, comprehensive plans that make even the grouchiest office grinch happy!

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Explore Corporate Christmas Presents for Your Team

At Choose-Your-Gift®, we’re here to help you eliminate the stress of choosing a gift for your employees and give you the peace of mind knowing we’ll take care of the process for you. When you partner with Choose-Your-Gift®, you’re letting everyone find their own perfect gift to cherish. Whether your organization is large or small, our customer service and account representatives work with you to ensure you choose the right program.

Our first-class service and top-brand merchandise will have you turning to our team again and again, for all of your holiday business gift needs. Enjoy the freedom of Choose-Your-Gift® and reward your employees with the best corporate holiday gifts they’ve ever received.

Get the best gifts for your staff this Christmas with over 50,000 gift choices from America’s top brands.

  • 20 Gift Levels Offering over 50,000 Brand Name Gifts
  • Print or Digital Plan
  • Get gifts for your staff or clients
  • No Minimum Order; No Hidden Fees
  • Includes Delivery within the Continental U.S.

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Explore Our Christmas Ideas for Employees

No matter what type of holiday gift you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with our extensive selection of gift option plans that fit every individual.

Employee Holiday Gifts

Make sure your trusted employees receive a gift they really like – that they’ve chosen for themselves.

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Give better than your competitors! Forget impersonal gifts from corporate headquarters or parent companies.

Branded Partner Gifts

Wish partner companies "Happy Holidays" with a gift of their choice.

Business Associate Gifts

Solidify relationships with quality items from professional brands.

Employee Recognition Gifts

Recognize those that go above and beyond.

Find Hundreds of Additional Gifts in Every Price Level

Personalize Your Christmas Gifts with Choose-Your-Gift®

Nothing says appreciation quite like a personalized message. And at Choose-Your-Gift®, that’s what we do best. With our convenient customization plans this holiday season we offer personalized gift presentation certificate.

Add sentiment and meaning to your presentation with free customizations that include the placement of your company logo and a personalized message. We’ll work directly with you to find the perfect, personalized solution that sparks joy for your employees, clients, and partners this season.

And the best part? Get completely free shipping of all gifts within the Continental United States!

Use Promo Code: HOLIDAY2024

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  • 20 Gift Levels $25 - $5,000
  • 50,000+ Brand Name Gifts
  • Includes Delivery in the US
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  • e-Gift Certificates Distribute by Email or in Person Presentation
  • Immediate Access to Gift Level
  • No Hidden Fees
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  • Manage Your Account with Ease
  • Automatic Acknowledgement/Tracking
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Give the Gift of Choice this Holiday Season

This holiday, show your employees how much you acknowledge them as an individual. There’s nothing better than gifting a present that fits an individual’s taste, which is why we love our individualized employee gift options! Our program reflects how strongly we feel everyone should be rewarded with something that represents their individuality and caters to each individual’s hobbies and passions!

We deliver value for both our client and their recipients. Our program is easy to manage while providing your recipient with a gift they will treasure!

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Trust the Employee Holiday Gift Experts

With over 65 years of experience in corporate gifting, our knowledgeable team will help you deliver a program that is easy to manage, within budget, and provides top brand gifts that satisfy the interest of every recipient.

Find the perfect employee holiday gift this season with help from the experts at Choose-Your-Gift®. We’ll work directly with you to find the perfect, convenient plan that fits your needs and budget, ensuring your holiday gift season goes smoothly!

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