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Creating Joyous Summer Experiences with Team Bonding Activities

Jun 15, 2023

What better way to boost morale and build teamwork than bonding outside in the sunshine with peers? Activities, especially ones outdoors in nature, can positively impact your team, helping them connect with others, relax, enjoy life, and appreciate the incredible company they work with. Show your employees how much you appreciate them and all their hard work throughout the year by celebrating together with a fun summer team bonding event.

Why Is Summer a Good Time for Team Building?

Summer's good weather elevates energy levels, brings vitamin D into your life, and enables a break from daily routines when mixing it up with a new exciting outdoor activity. Take advantage of the many unique opportunities the wonderful summer season offers. Organizations can plan outdoor events for their employees, creating joyous experiences they’ll never forget. Foster more robust connections between employees, and enhance teamwork and comradery with an exciting team-building summer activity.

team building on the beach in the summer at sunset

5 Summer Activities Your Team Can Enjoy Together

There are many thrilling team-building activities for your team to experience this summer. No matter your organization's size or location, there will surely be a summer activity everyone will enjoy. For instance, if you’ve been considering hosting an employee appreciation event like a picnic, other social gatherings, outdoor water spot activities like kayaking, volunteering as a team, taking a hike, or something else, let the below summer activities help you choose the perfect team bonding experience.

Break the Ice: Summer Picnics and Social Gatherings

Have some fun in the sun by taking your employees to a summer picnic, where they can mingle and enjoy some of their favorite bites like BBQ chicken, watermelon, refreshing drinks, and more. Picnics and other social gatherings are the ideal summer team bonding event because they are relaxing and offer a causal means of socializing with other employees.

Make your employee appreciation picnic even more special and memorable with gifts for employees to take home, such as personalized picnic blankets or coolers. They can use their gifts whenever they hit the beach or spend a peaceful day outside this summer.

Company social gathering_at_a_team-building_park

Make a Splash: Water-Based Team Building Activities

Take a break from the office routine and hot summer heat with an invigorating, exciting water-based team-building activity, kayaking, paddleboarding, or rafting. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like working with coworkers to complete a challenging workout. Or take it more leisurely and enjoy a refreshing float with coworkers, so you can chat and enjoy the day with one another.

Top off one of the most memorable employee appreciation events ever by handing out thoughtful, practical gifts for everyone, like waterproof phone pouches or beach towels with company branding.

Adventurous adrenaline activity, teambuilding on white water

Volunteer For a Cause: Community Service Projects and Charity Events

Giving back to the surrounding community through volunteer community service projects or attending charity events are impactful and positive means of team building. Participating in a community-based service project or event with coworkers allows them to help others while appreciating how much they help everyone daily.

Give thanks and show how much you care about your employees by giving them something extra special, such as a certificate or plaque recognizing each team member’s strengths and accomplishments.

Raising money charitable working together

Explore New Horizons: Nature Excursions and Hiking Expeditions

The benefits of being outside and exploring nature are limitless. Promote comradery and allow employees to connect with nature and each other through an organized hiking expedition or nature excursion.

Branded outdoor gear such as hats or backpacks that employees can use during their nature day together and on any other future outdoor activity will bring a smile to their faces. Cool outdoor gear that stands the test of time and other great travel gifts are always a fan favorite.

Employees Becoming Friends at team building

Soak Up the Sun: Beach Olympics and Sandcastle Building Competitions

How about a fun, light-hearted, calming, beach-themed team-building event?  If this sounds more like your speed, the sandcastle building competition or beach Olympics are your go-to employee appreciation events. Let employees create a magical sandcastle and tap into their inner child or let them strut their athlete capabilities or laugh together while completing an exciting sporting challenge.

Hand out beach kits with the perfect items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and custom beach balls. Employees will get a kick out of their fun goody bags, making them feel like kids again.

How Team Building Activities Showcase Employee Appreciation

Summer team-building activities provide an excellent opportunity for employers to show appreciation and recognize their employees' hard work and dedication. Employers can demonstrate gratitude and strengthen employee engagement and loyalty by incorporating corporate gift ideas or special acknowledgments during these events. Learn more about how to reward your employees with available gift ideas here!