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Recognizing the Accomplishments of Education Workers with Top Quality Gifts

The administrators, teachers and support staff in school districts across the nation are some of the most dedicated and hardworking members of society. They play a critical role in preparing young people for successful and productive futures.

Whether it be for Teachers Appreciation Week, School Staff Appreciation Days, Principal Appreciation Day or for any other special occasion, this is the perfect time to recognize how well school district employees have persevered and performed during the past several extremely challenging years.

Education workers love to feel that what they do each day at school matters and makes a difference. Acknowledging this by presenting them with a personalized gift to show your appreciation is a profoundly meaningful experience.

Choose-Your-Gift® is the perfect, single source solution for all of your employee recognition gift needs!

There are many benefits of providing Education Workers with meaningful acknowledgment gifts, including:

  • Promotes & Demonstrates School District Values
  • Increases & Maintains Morale
  • Helps Retain Dedicated Staff Members
  • Raises Productivity Levels
  • Encourages a Sense of Belonging
  • Promotes an Inclusive Environment
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Show Education Employees How Much You Care with Quality Gifts

Celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of your school district teachers, administrators and staff members with a popular brand name gift of their choice.

Employees love being able to choose items that suit them best from our extensive list of offerings. Their appreciation will be clearly evident by the smile on their face and your generosity will not be soon forgotten.

Maintaining a top-quality gifting program is a proven strategy for helping to keep school spirit high and retain experienced, hard to replace employees. Give the gift of choice with Choose-Your-Gift®

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts that Celebrate and Reward!

We proudly offer 40,000 brand name items in 20 unique gift levels, ranging from $25—$5,000.

Personalized Gifts for Teachers & Education Workers at No Additional Charge!

Your presentation of our print or digital plan can be customized to reflect your school's personal touch. We offer FREE placement of your school logo. FREE personalized message. FREE shipping of gift to each recipient within the Continental U.S. Contact us and one of our account representatives will share more details with you.


Save on Teacher Gifts

How it Works

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  • 20 Gift Levels $25 - $5,000
  • 40,000+ Brand Name Gifts
  • Includes Delivery in the US
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  • e-Gift Certificates Distribute by Email, USPS or in Person Presentation
  • Immediate Access to Gift Level
  • No Hidden Fees
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  • Manage Your Account with Ease
  • Automatic Acknowledgement/Tracking
  • Redemption Reports

Choose a Gift Plan that Symbolizes your School District’s Values, Vision and Mission.

Since 1958, Choose-Your-Gift® has been in the business of helping our customers’ show their appreciation and gratitude for top performing employees in a wide variety of industries and professions.

Our unique Gift program is simple to administer and highly cost efficient, with no minimum order requirements or hidden fees.

We offer our customers best in class features and resources, such as:

  • Choice of print or digital gift material to present to employees.
  • Over 40,000 top quality brand name gift items.
  • Full Customer Service support.
  • Option to utilize School District’s logo and a short message.
  • Easy gift order tracking and fulfillment information provided to employees.

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Our account representatives work closely with each of their clients to ensure the successful delivery of a program they can be proud to administer. Whether you are a client or recipient, just a few simple steps online complete the process. We encourage you to partner with us and experience the type of program which will recognize and celebrate your employees and promote your unique culture!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a national holiday celebrated in the USA that starts Monday May 2nd and ends Friday May 6th. It recognizes the hard work and achievements of teachers culminating on Thursday May 5th with Teacher's Appreciation Day!

Celebrate your school's team of awesome teachers today with personalized gifts that are the perfect gift ideas for teachers and educational workers. Let them choose from over 40,000 name-brand gifts for teachers that they will love. 

Teacher's Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

At Choose-Your-Gift®, we want to provide the most exciting, fun gifts available for teachers. Gifts for teachers too often end up being a combination of school merchandise, cards or random gift cards that are never used. So why not give teacher's gifts with a little more modern appeal? At Choose-Your-Gift®, teachers may choose gifts from a variety of categories they find appealing. Gift categories include everything from desirable housewares & appliances, to health & beauty, to video games as well as stylish jewelry & watches. 

Ensure high quality gifts so your school staff feels truly appreciated. Wow them with over 40,000 gift choices from popular brands in 20 distinct gift price. Fun for all!

Why Recognize Teachers with Appreciation Gifts?

Differentiating your school as a great place to work is harder than ever. With so many different options as well as a competitive environment for hiring, maintaining a positive school community and culture for teachers is even more crucial. Separate your district from the competition by showing that you truly appreciate your teachers and educational workers with high quality recognition gifts. Show your staff that you are thinking of them and value their hard work and dedication to learning. Recognition gifts for teachers is another opportunity to say, "Thank you! We value your contribution to our school district." That humanization of education and the message that we're part of a team is very impactful and Choose-Your-Gift® will help you set up a popular gift program that fits easily within your district's budget. Contact us Today!

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