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Gifts for Public Service Workers that Acknowledge, Build, Celebrate!

The first week of May is set aside to thank individuals who serve our nation and community as federal, state, county and local government employees. Ordinary people making extraordinary contributions; our nation made stronger and enriched because of their dedication. This is your opportunity to acknowledge them and let them know just how grateful you are for their commitment to public good!

Contact us today and we will provide the means by which you will be able to deliver a gift program recognizing each of your employees as an individual. Focusing on your key goals to provide a gift level that fits your budget, your recipients will be given the opportunity to select the gift of “choice” from over 50,000 brand name items. What better way to recognize their contributions than by allowing them to choose a gift that reflects their individuality; a gift that will deliver impact while providing a memorable expression of your gratitude!


  • Easy administration of your program
  • Gives your recipients "choice"
  • Digital or print format
  • Gift level price includes delivery within Contiguous United States
  • No minimum order; no hidden fees

Meaningful Employee Recognition

Implementing an employee recognition program affords you the opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of your employees therefore benefiting the well-being of your municipality. This has a positive impact on their productivity.

With over 65 years of experience in the corporate gifting industry, Choose-Your-Gift® has the insight to provide a program matching your needs. People become highly motivated when they are recognized by receiving an individualized gift. In today’s work environment it is important that your employees feel the individualization of a gift tailored just for them. Choose-Your-Gift® allows your recipient to select the gift of their "choosing".

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Recognize your staff during Public Employee Appreciation Week
with one of these brand name corporate gift ideas....

Offering 20 gift levels, $25—$5,000.

Personalized Thank You Gifts at No Additional Charge!

Each of our plans offers you the opportunity to provide, free-of-charge, a branded announcement of your recognition gift with a customized personal message, municipality logo, and delivery of the gift to each of your recipients within the contiguous United States. Place your order now! An account representative will contact you to share all the details.


How it Works

1 Step 1
  • 20 Gift Levels $25 - $5,000
  • 50,000+ Brand Name Gifts
  • Includes Delivery in the US
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  • e-Gift Certificates Distribute by Email, USPS or in Person Presentation
  • Immediate Access to Gift Level
  • No Hidden Fees
Choose a Plan
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  • Manage Your Account with Ease
  • Automatic Acknowledgement/Tracking
  • Redemption Reports

Deliver an Effective Employee Recognition Program

Memorable recognition is more important than the frequency of recognition. Choose-Your-Gift® will save you time and deliver to your employees the significant recognition gift they deserve. A gift of their "choosing" will make the occasion unforgettable!

  • 20 gift levels: pricing includes delivery within the contiguous United States
  • Value-based, trendy, brand name items
  • Customize your print or digital plan presentation with municipality logo or a short message
  • Plan order acknowledgement
  • Tracking information provided to recipient

Value for Our Clients and Choice for Your Recipients

Our account representatives work closely with each of their clients to ensure the successful delivery of a program they can be proud to administer. Whether you are a client or recipient, just a few simple steps online complete the process. We encourage you to partner with us and experience the type of program which will recognize and celebrate your employees and promote your unique culture!

Local Municipal Staff Gifts

Ensure that your gifting program truly makes your local municipal staff feel appreciated with 50,000 gift choices from popular brands. The most commonly used local government staff gifts are often the most uninspiring. You've seen them all before - premiums such as baseball caps, water bottles, service pins, ornaments, and other branded awards. All of these have been done over and over and are no surprise. Wow your employees with truly fun and popular gifts, not the same dull assortment of gifts they are used to receiving.

Why give gifts to government workers?

Differentiating your workplace is more important than ever. With so many different options to choose from, we are truly in a commodity job market. Separate your workplace environment and elevate your culture from the competition by showing that you truly appreciate your staff. Show them that you are thinking of them and value their partnership. Providing recognition gifts for government workers is another opportunity to say, "Thank you! We value your hard work." That humanization of the employment relationship is unique in the modern era. Differentiate your municipality and elevate culture with Choose-Your-Gift®.

Gifts to Recognize Individual Government Workers

It is impossible to know what each employee would actually like for a gift, but we do want to recognize individual contributions to a team or partnership. As government leaders, we want to reward and encourage our staff, but delivering the same old menu of donuts and pizza for the office or a coffee shop gift card isn’t new or exciting. Here is a great recognition gift idea—give the gift of choice! Let your employees choose a popular, name-brand gift that they will love and cherish throughout the year. The best recognition gifts are a reminder that you appreciate and value the individual employee. That connection is what matters most.

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