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Corporate Gifts that Acknowledge, Build, and Celebrate!

This year, deliver moments that matter, welcome new employees, celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays, build teamwork by recognizing key accomplishments and so much more. Create a corporate environment that acknowledges the milestones of your employees and clients.

Choose-Your-Gift® can help you deliver an easy-to-manage corporate gifting program that will reflect the importance and individuality of your recipients. Give them a memorable gift that reflects your genuine gratitude and appreciation. Give them Choose-Your-Gift®!

  • Gifts Delivered for Holiday
  • 20 Gift Levels Offering over 50,000 Brand Name Gifts
  • Print or Digital Plan
  • Get gifts for your staff or clients
  • No Minimum Order; No Hidden Fees
  • Free Delivery with Promo Code "APPRECIATE2024"
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Office & Staff Recognition Gifts

Choose-Your-Gift® can help you deliver that WOW factor to your recipients. Differentiate your brand by providing each recipient with a popular brand-name gift of their "choice", they will receive the reward they truly want, remembering your appreciation for years to come. Specific custom gifts are also available. 

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Corporate Gift Ideas that Reward, Celebrate, and Recognize

Offering 50,000 brand name items in 20 gift levels, $25—$5,000.

Free Personalized Business Appreciation Gift Programs!

Your presentation of our print or digital plan can be customized to reflect your company's personal touch. We offer FREE placement of your company logo. FREE personalized message. FREE shipping of gift to each recipient within the Continental U.S. Contact us and one of our account representatives will share more details with you.

Use Promo Code: APPRECIATE2024

Save on Holiday Gifts

How it Works

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  • 20 Gift Levels $25 - $5,000
  • 50,000+ Brand Name Gifts
  • Includes Delivery in the US
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  • e-Gift Certificates Distribute by Email, USPS or in Person Presentation
  • Immediate Access to Gift Level
  • No Hidden Fees
Choose a Plan
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  • Manage Your Account with Ease
  • Automatic Acknowledgement/Tracking
  • Redemption Reports

Choose the Gift Plan that Best Represents Your Business

Choose-Your-Gift® has been offering gift programs for over 65 years. We strive to offer gifting strategies that reflect genuine appreciation and value. Our gift program is easy to administer, saves time, and has no minimum order or hidden fees. 

  • Choose Print or Digital Plan
  • Over 50,000 Trendy, Value-based Brand Name Items
  • Account Representative Provides that "Personal Touch"
  • Customize Your Presentation by Including Your Company Logo and Short Message
  • Automatic Plan Order Acknowledgement with Tracking Information Provided to the Recipient

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Value for Our Clients and Choice for Your Recipients

Our account representatives work closely with each of their clients to ensure the successful delivery of a program they can be proud to administer. Whether you are a client or recipient, just a few simple steps online complete the process. We encourage you to partner with us and experience the type of program which will recognize and celebrate your employees and promote your unique culture!

Popular Office Staff Gifts for Employees

Ensure that your gifting program truly makes your office staff feel appreciated with 50,000 gift choices from popular brands. The most common office staff gifts are often the most uninspiring. Gifts like branded merchandise, company water bottles, ornaments, or small branded awards. All of these have been done over and over and are no surprise. Wow your employees with truly fun and popular gifts, not the same dull business gifts they are used to receiving.

Why give corporate gifts to clients?

Differentiating your brand is harder than ever. With so many different options to choose from, we are truly in a commodity market. Separate your brand from the competition by showing that you truly appreciate your clients and partners. Show them that you are thinking of them and value their partnership. Business gifts for clients are another opportunity to say, "Thank you! We value your business." That humanization of business is actually unique in the modern era. Differentiate your business with Choose-Your-Gift®.

Corporate Gift Ideas to Recognize Individuals

It is impossible to know what each employee would actually like for a gift, but we do want to recognize individual contributions to a team or partnership. As business leaders, we want to reward and encourage our staff, but delivering the same corporate gifts in the form of branded merchandise, gift baskets, or gift cards isn’t new or exciting. Here is a great corporate gift idea—give the gift of choice! Let your employees and clients choose a popular, name-brand gift that they will love and cherish throughout the year. The best corporate gifts are a reminder that you remember and value the individual employee and client. That connection is what matters most.

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