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Choose A Plan

We realize your time is valuable, so we offer easy access to three different plans. When it’s time to recognize your employees and associates you can choose the plan that best fits your needs.

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Show Your Appreciation

Choose-Your-Gift® gives you the option of distributing the gift certificates to your recipients via email, mail or printed handout.

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Manage With Ease

Login to your account to check redemptions and tracking information. Reordering Choose-Your-Gift® eCYG’s and Choose-Your-Gift® gift certificates is quick and easy.


"Choice", a Gift in and of Itself

For over 60 years Choose-Your-Gift® has worked with companies to reward their employees by providing merchandise based recognition through incentive, loyalty, reward and service programs.

Choose-Your-Gift® excels in easy administration of your online account, providing high quality brand name merchandise to your recipients, program accountability and outstanding customer service.

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A Gift Plan That Adapts to You


Immediate Recognition

With our digital Choose-Your-Gift® program you can reach anyone, anywhere.  Recipients receive an eCYG email from you with a link containing their Redemption Code and PIN which allows them to immediately go online to select their gift.

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