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How to Create a Company Culture of Appreciation

Jul 26, 2023

In today’s multi-functional work environment, employees can often feel like they’re forgotten in the everyday trials and tribulations of work, which can lead to burnout, a lack of focus, and a desire to forge a new path at a different company. If you’re noticing these effects or you simply want to prevent this from happening to your company, look no further. The experts at Choose-Your-Gift have put together the best tips for enhancing your enhancing your company culture.

How to Boost Employee Productivity in the Summer

Jul 12, 2023

The hot summer weather and employees’ upcoming vacations tend to cause your team to go into a more relaxed mode. This, combined with the summer months being a slower time for new business for companies, can decrease the motivation and productivity of employees. Explore ways to keep your team engaged and less distracted at the workplace, even during this summer period