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How to Reduce Stress & Improve Productivity While Working Remote

May 15, 2023

How Has Remote Work Affected Employees?

Since 2020 and even post-Covid-19, the global workforce has seen a dramatic shift to fully remote or hybrid jobs, which for some is great, but for others can create feelings of loneliness or a lack of motivation.

As an employer or manager, it can be tough to balance a remote or hybrid workforce, making sure that each team member feels heard, appreciated, and recognized for their hard work. That’s why, in this blog, we’re taking a deeper look at remote work and the pros and cons that come with it. We’ll also give you our best tips and tricks for reducing stress and improving productivity, all while staying in budget!

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Benefits of Remote Work

The shift to remote work within the last decade has truly made in an impact on employee’s every day life. From laundry on lunch and no longer needing to pay for child care, to simply spending one less hour in the car on the way to work.

Here are our three favorite benefits of switching to an all-remote or hybrid workplace environment.

Increased Productivity

As we mentioned, commuting to and from the office can take a lot of time away from work. Those who normally start at 9 am can start at 8 because they don’t have to worry about traffic, which is great for increased productivity and efficiency.

Better Work Life Balance

With work from home jobs, people often say that they have a better work life balance, because they get to have more family or hobby time, improving their mental and physical health. According to FlexJobs’ 2022 Career Pulse Survey, 77% of workers stated that remote or hybrid work would help them better manage their mental health. 

working remotely from home

Decreased Turnover Rates

Businesses opting to turn their company hybrid or fully remote have seen dramatic turnover rate decreases compared to those who are mandating return to office initiatives. Just look at the PR Newswire statistics stating that companies that allow remote work see 25% lower employee turnover than those who don’t.

Cons of Remote Work

Now, even without positive statistics showing that remote work is a key driver in promoting better mental health, there are a few negatives that can come from remote work and it’s important to understand these as well if you’re considering changing your workplace dynamic.

Reliance on Technology

Going fully remote does mean that you’re relying 100% on technology – which, isn’t always ideal. In a traditional office, IT is usually on-site and can help with any tech issues, however, in a remote work position, you’re often waiting long periods of time for help.

Limited Interactions

As much as you love your pet, they can’t always give you the type of social interactions that are necessary for humans. In-office social interactions can be great for making friends, networking, and collaborating on projects.

virtual workspace

Tips for Supporting Employees Wellbeing

With all this information, it’s up to you, the employer, to find the best ways to implement supportive initiatives for your employees. Luckily for you, we’ve written down our top three tips for creating a positive and collaborative space are perfect for remote and hybrid worker!

Weekly Check-Ins

While it may not be in person, weekly check-ins with your team are the perfect way to catch up on how they’re feeling. Weekly check-ins don’t always have to be about projects and deliverables – ensuring that your employees are feeling respected, heard, and supported are just as important and should be a big part of each meeting.

Corporate Gifts

The best way to show your remote team how much you care? With corporate gifts for employees! This can range from company merch and fun food packages, all the way to destination trips! At Choose-Your-Gift, we specialize in corporate gifts, offering over 40,000 brand name gifts in 20 gift levels.

Simply choose your plan and find the gift that is perfect for your remote or hybrid team! 

Corporate Outings

Another great idea for remote teams is a corporate outing where each employee can get to know one another. As remote employees can be all over the globe, this doesn’t have to be an every month meet-up! Once a quarter or twice a year is the perfect time to plan an even, get a team together, and have some fun.

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