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7 Practical Gifts for Doctor’s Day

Mar 15, 2023

The Best Gifts for National Physicians’ Week

Both National Physicians’ Week and National Doctor’s Day is here, so to celebrate, we’ve put together a very “healthy” blog post that’s designed to give you a variety of ideas on how you can celebrate your clinical staff! From personalized, sentimental gifts to fun, flavorful food and beverage gifts, the possibilities are truly endless with Choose-Your-Gifts’ wide variety of amazing gift options!

Keep reading to learn more about National Physicians’ Week and National Doctor’s Day and how you can get started using a Choose-Your-Gift plan for monthly, seasonally, or yearly celebration gifts for your employees!


What is National Physicians’ Week?

National Physicians’ Week is a week-long celebration that takes place between March 25th – 31st and was created by the advocacy group Physicians Working Together (PWT) to give appreciation and recognition to all the hard-working and passionate physicians around the globe.

Physicians work grueling hours and deal with the many hardships that come with treating patients, so in an effort to say thank you, National Physicians’ Week is the perfect opportunity for administrative employers, healthcare companies, and loved ones of physicians to celebrate all the hard work they do each day.

What is National Doctor’s Day

Held each year on March 30th, National Doctor’s Day is a dedicated day where friends/family, employers, administration, and healthcare companies can celebrate the doctor in their life. Created in 1933 by the Barrow County Alliance, National Doctor’s Day, or simply just shortened to “Doctor’s Day,” is an extra day within National Physicians’ Week where you can celebrate an individual doctor that you’re proud to know with gifts, celebrations, or simply a thank you.

The 7 Best Gifts for National Physicians Week and Doctors Day

If you’re looking for the best gifts to give a group of physicians or an individual doctor, we’ve got you covered! There are endless possibilities and ways to celebrate these hard-working healthcare workers, however, we recommend choosing a gift that speaks to who they are as a person.

If you’re not exactly sure what to get them, here are our seven favorite gifts for physicians based on their personalities!


For the Picky Doctor: Gift Cards and e-Gift Certificates

Gift cards are arguably the perfect gift – especially for people who like to think through each one of their choices! They can purchase what they want, when they want it and there’s no fear that they won’t like their gift. The only task left for you is to choose the price!

For the Adventurous Doctor: Experiential/Travel Gifts

For the physician that loves to travel, opt for an experiential gift. This could be as simple as a movie night pass or as large as a weekend getaway! The price amount is up to you, but they’ll love the thoughtful, personalized gift experience that they can use to make amazing memories.

For the Foodie Doctor: Food & Beverage Gifts

Absolutely everyone loves a food gift, but if you know a physician that’s a particular foodie, they’ll love getting new, fun foods to try! Choose from new hot sauces and flavored whipped honey, to a bone-in French prime rib roast meal! The options are endless (and delicious!)

For the Sentimental Doctor: Customized Gifts

We love customizable gifts for their unique and personal touch! Whether it’s personalized clothing items or cute, hand-made mugs, customizable gifts are the perfect way to reach a sentimental heart.

For the Gamer Doctor: Video Games

We all know that person who loves to relax and unwind with a video game at the end of a long shift. For the gamer physicians, opt for a video game gift that they would love and maybe never buy themselves! You can choose from smaller gifts like gaming controllers and consoles all the way to a brand-new gaming chair!

For the Handy Doctor: Tools and Hardware Gifts

For the physician that likes to tinker, choose a tool or hardware gift that they can add to their collection! From a mechanic tool kit, to a leather tool rig, Choose-Your-Gift has over 1,400 tool and hardware gifts to choose from!

For the Fit Doctor: Fitness Gifts

Physicians need help staying healthy too, which is why fitness or sports gifts are the best way to celebrate a doctor that loves to stay active. Whether it’s an activity tracker or a simple chip & putt challenge game, there’s always fun fitness gives to give!

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