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Our rewards catalog makes a statement about your commitment to your brand. Price covers the gift plus free shipping anywhere in the lower U.S.

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The right gift every time!
It's hard to guess what rewards work with what people. Inevitably, someone doesn't like the reward choice and doesn't use it. The program has failed to reach that person.
Enter Choose-Your-Gift. No more guessing - use our product catalog to make your program a success.

How Do I Give the Gifts?

Choose the administration and distribution style that fits your demographic

  • Gift Books - easy, quick solution - just purchase and distribute - recipients can redeem online or through pre-paid postal reply
  • Gift Emails - reach anyone, anywhere. Recipients receive an email with a link to an online gift redemption
  • Gift Websites - Reach your demographic quickly and easily, with a branded solution. Online redemption with online program administration
  • Customized Solution - Have a great idea for a program? We can help you make it a reality.

How do I pay for the gifts

Easy to budget, easy on the budget
Gifts are available in 14delivered prices. Price reflects cost of gift and shipping to your recipient in the lower 48 states.

Gift books and emails are purchased online, and you are charged at point of sale. Purchase Gift books and e-mails here

Awards programs (online and catalog) utilize manifest consolidated monthly billing - we bill you for the products we ship per month.
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