14 Delivered Price Levels of Gifts

Awards Catalog

Our Awards are separated into 14 award levels - making it easy to provide different levels of award to different levels of performance.

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Awards Catalog


Starting an awards program is easy! We'll send you our award catalog - featuring our entire line of products.

  • Gifts are arranged in 14 price levels from $25 -$1,000 with 50 gifts in each price level.
  • Levels are identified alphabetically - no prices included - so you can set performance requirements for each level.
  • Your company name and logo can be imprinted on the catalog cover and your program information included on the first two pages. Fully customized catalogs can be created - but may incur additional printing costs.
  • If you use only selected price levels, we will compile brochures containing only those levels.
  • Establish an "Award Account" with Choose-Your-Gift by contacting us here and we'll walk you through the rest!

Have an idea for a program?

Our awards showcase your commitment to your internal brand.
Its hard to guess what rewards work with what people. Inevitably, someone doesn't like the reward choice, doesn't use it, program has failed at reaching that person. No more guessing - use our product catalog to make your program a success.

Reaching your audience 24/7

Customized Rewards websites are a great and informal way to connect with your audience 24/7. Customers will enjoy the speed and convenience of browsing rewards at home, creating greater loyalty for you. Using email and direct mail to drive traffic to your site and in turn, right back to your establishment. Rewards Websites give you an informal channel for marketing communications, without cluttering the message on your corporate site.

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