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Employee Service Awards

Use our various award levels to define performance or service benchmarks. Study any company that has high employee retention, great customer satisfaction, mass productivity and great profits, you will most likely find that employee recognition plays a very significant role in that companies success. Recognized employees will be your most loyal employees.

Instant Recognition

Start rewarding those actions beneficial to your organization. Extra effort - send an ECYG email. Big day of sales - give a gift book. Turn actions into a point structure and let employees accumulate points all while redeeming their points at a branded Rewards Website.

Customer Loyalty

Keep your loyal customers coming back - and remembering your brand. Branded customer rewards give customers an incentive to keep using your services, while opening a new channel of communication to show how well you appreciate their business.

Performance Management

Move your safety, attendance, and performance awards online. Easily manage and track your employees' progress - giving points as employees actions become more aligned with organization goals. We offer three different levels of online programs - learn more here

Product Fulfillment

Have an idea about a promotion or a program - but just need the gifts? We can be your fulfillment partner. Our strength lies in our award catalog - use the gifts however you choose - we'll bill you when they ship.

Player Rewards

Keep Customers Coming Back and Playing More! Provide your Loyalty or Reward Program with the leader in Incentive Gift Fulfillment. Hundreds of products to choose from, Custom design with Online Product Catalogs and Program Reporting deliver success.


You need your workforce to be happy AND healthy. Run a wellness program that can help provide the extra incentive for your workers to live a happier, healthier life.