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Our rewards strengthen your program

All you need to do is create a point system - 5 points per quarter for perfect attendance (etc.) and we'll take care of the rest.

You choose the price levels that correspond to your point totals, and your recipients redeem their rewards once they have accumulated enough points. Your program participants will see your brand when they browse your program redemption site, as well as when the package comes - total performance management solution. Great way to improve your workplace culture and provide the positive brand message to train your employees to practice the brand.

Run a More Efficient Program

Rewards Websites are great for streamlining your performance management programs - run your review process online. Establish criteria, review, reward/redeem points for prizes, and run reports.

Drive Your Brand

By aligning your employees to your brand and organizational goals, you are creating a workforce that will strive to really take care of the customer. Your Rewards Website is a great place to keep your employees up-to-date on the latest happenings with the company. Think of it as an intranet, with the added bonus of reward choices!

Online Reviews

Choose-Your-Gift can move you current employee review process online, or help create a program that fits your needs. Running your program online makes performance management a breeze. Managers simply log in, are presented with a list of employees to review, they complete the process giving employees reward points for their efforts in the criteria you establish. Employees check the Reward Website to look up their point totals and redeem points for gifts!

Reward Points

Motivate your workforce with reward points to modify employee behavior. You set the criteria for the reward point, as well as the point matrix (how many points it takes to reach a reward level). The Rewards Website will calculate your point totals and store the data, giving you the power to look up employee accounts, run reports on your program, and find the future leaders of your organization. Online redemption allows your employees to sign in, check point totals and redeem for rewards!

Use our rewards to fulfill your program.

We offer three basic distribution styles to make it easy for you recipients to redeem their gift:

3 Easy Gift Distribution Styles:

Gift Books

Featuring 40 brand name gifts for your recipients to choose from. Available in 14 price levels, they are a great way to show your thanks.

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Gift Emails

Great way to distribute rewards to multiple people in many different areas. Recipients receive the email and follow the link to redeem online
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Gift Websites

Customized storefront, branded redemptions, easily add users and manage accounts, and provide reporting on your program.

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