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Full lots = Increased Revenue

Use your rewards to keep customers coming back, buying more, and engaging your company's brand.

Let's face it - in today's market, your brand is all your company has to distinguish itself from the competition - which are often right down the street.

Your brand sets your customers expectations, and it is what ultimately keeps your customers coming back. Strengthen your brand power and our reward selection, by providing the convenience of online shopping at your branded online rewards store.

Create Brand Advocates

Raising Customer retention rates by five percentage points could increase the value of an average customer by 25 to 100 percent.

Want to find a way to reward and grow your most loyal customers? Run a loyalty rewards program that allows your customers to buy more, gain more points, and redeem for brand name merchandise. Based on the Choose-Your-Gift platform, you have the choice of over 700+ name brand gifts to use in your program - use any point matrix you want. Pay only for the gifts that are redeemed.

Customer Loyalty Is Key to Your Bottom Line
In today's fast paced market place great service alone isn't enough to keep customers coming back. Enter the rewards web site. Use your rewards site as a fun and exciting place to educate customers on the brand promise. Instead of throwing marketing dollars into new customer acquisition, use your Rewards Website to boost your relationship marketing.

Why are loyal customers so important?

  • Refer your company and services to others
  • Use your services time and time again
  • Volume of purchases increases over time
  • Less costly than new customer acquisition
  • Create another avenue for customer communications and touch points

Reach your audience 24/7

Rewards websites are a great and informal way to connect your brand with your audience.

Customers will enjoy the speed and convenience of browsing rewards at home, creating greater loyalty for you. Using email and direct mail to drive traffic to your site and in turn, right back to your establishment. Rewards Websites give you an informal channel for marketing communications, without cluttering the message on your corporate site. More on Rewards Websites...

Benefits to the Rewards Site

  • Create another incentive for customers to continue doing business with you
  • Use the site to promote brand value and promise
  • Not only offer rewards on the site, but provide company information and values
  • Use your rewards site as an area for customers to choose how you communicate with them
  • Glean valuable marketing data from program reporting
How Does it Work

You'll Love how easy it is to run your reward program

  1. Decide on Point transfer
  2. Certify Look and Feel
  3. Create implementation plan
  4. Select Products
  5. Launch Program