ECYG E-mails provide fast, efficient, and branded performance recognition

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Why do E-mail Rewards Work?

Higher Redemptions

Can a program be successful if recipients don't actually redeem their rewards? ECYG speeds up the time between recognition and the reward, helping you reinforce positive actions within your organization - and help make those actions stay.

Time is Money

Save valuable time in delivering your rewards. Whether your company is spread out all over the country or in a complex that feels like a small country - you can get your rewards distributed quickly and efficiently.

Deliver Your Brand

You might have more to say than just congratulations or thank you. Deliver your brand message or continue your internal communications dialogue through your ECYG E-mail. Add your logo, pictures of your campaign, anything that helps convey your message. The fastest and easiest way to give a great gift. Your recipient gets a choice of 50 brand name gifts, and you get the reporting to view your programs success.

How Does it Work?

Sending the ECYG

  1. Select Your Price Levels/Quantity
  2. Create Your Message
  3. Enter Your Addresses
  4. Message Sent!

Redeeming the ECYG

  1. Recipient gets e-mail
  2. Follows link to ECYG redemption site
  3. Enters serial # and pin (in the email with instructions)
  4. Chooses Gift!

Want to customize?

Customizing your e-mails is easy. We'll walk you through it - just give us a call 800-868-9132. Most companies choose to send their company logo as part of the e-mail, or pictures from their latest promotional pieces.

Same great rewards

The strength of your program lies in the reward selection - ECYG pulls from the same delivered price reward levels as our traditional gift books - and the same great service as well. Your recipients will love the product selection and the speed of redemption.

Bridging the time gap between recognition and reward

Online rewards can provide the true definition of instant recognition. Help make the actions that warranted to rewards stick!

Perfect for internal brand alignment, incentives, annual rewards, sales, recognition...

  • No Prices Shown - price levels referred to by letter.
  • 14 price levels Available $25 - $1,000, 50 gifts in each level - Redemption is just a few clicks away!
  • Excellent Value - Price Includes email, Gift, and Domestic Gift Shipping
  • Use ECYG as a building block to a larger online rewards strategy.