Gift Books / Redemption Reporting

With Choose-Your-Gift, you know if your gift is being used

Monitor your program's success with our redemption reporting Track your gift book orders through the my account section at the top. Just sign in, click check redemptions, and select the order # that matches your inquiry.

  • Percent of gifts were redeemed
  • What those gifts were
  • Shipping and delivery details

Reporting to View Success

One of the most challenging aspects of any recognition program is knowing if it's working or not.
You pass out the reward, but are people actually using it? With redemption reporting, you can view who is using the program, and what they are redeeming - available with all our programs (Booklets and Rewards Websites). Now easily make the case for program extensions - or to provide that personal follow up to your program participants.

Your Rewards Reflect Your Brand

When it's your brand on the line, you need to make sure you are partnering with a fulfillment company that can deliver the results. For 50 years, Choose-Your-Gift has been helping companies retain the best workforces, thank loyal customers, and drive sales initiatives with incentive gifts - and shown proof of their success.

Ensure Success by Measuring Your Results

It has become abundantly clear that in order for any part of business to be successful, there needs to be a way of measuring success. Create your account online to keep up to date on the status of your booklet orders and redemptions. Our redemption reporting gives you access to all your order histories and employee redemptions, accessible online.

Need Specific Reporting Features? A customized rewards solution gives you the power to monitor both reward redemptions as well as reward histories in either HTML or Excel Formats. View a snapshot of your program as a whole, or drill down to individual's reward and redemption histories - view redemptions by date ranges, departments, practically any criteria you want! more info on customized solutions

Track Your Success Running your program online also gives you access to valuable reports instantly. Analyze program performance, trends, and make changes accordingly.