Give your recognition and rewards programs a boost

Awards Catalog

You Choose the Presentation Style That Fits Your Demographic

Choose-Your-Gift can create both print award catalogs or online award catalogs to fit your program or brand's identity. Choose-Your-Gift features an in house art department to help you create the look of your program - or use existing images.

Your brand is what distinguishes your company from all others - your Rewards Program should follow suit. Tired of typical "cookie cutter" reward solutions that don't reflect your companies identity? Want something customized for you and your brand?

From custom package inserts to rewards websites, Choose-Your-Gift can help you deliver your brand.

  • Designed to Project Your Identity, Look, and Message
  • Automatic Updates - We Handle All Product Information & Updates
  • Easy Administration - Participants Can View Accounts Online!
  • Target Your Marketing Efforts Through Program Participation
  • Download Reports to View Programs Success

How am I charged?

You get charged only for the gifts you redeem

Example: if your rewards program participants redeem six $25 gifts, Choose-Your-Gift will only bill you $150, and that includes gift, processing, and shipment within the lower 48 states. Illinois customers will be charged sales tax in their monthly consolidated billing.

Reaching your audience 24/7 Rewards websites are a great and informal way to connect with your audience 24/7. Your participants will enjoy the speed and convenience of browsing rewards at home, creating greater loyalty for you. Using email and direct mail to drive traffic to your site and in turn, right back to your establishment. Rewards Websites give you an informal channel for marketing communications, without cluttering the message on your corporate site.

How Does it Work

You'll Love how easy it is to run your reward program

  • 1. Decide on Point transfer
  • 2. Certify Look and Feel
  • 3. Create implementation plan
  • 4. Select Products
  • 5. Launch Program