Delivered Price makes it easy to give great rewards!

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You choose the price - they choose their gift!

The cost of each gift covers the gift, reporting and tracking, and shipment to anywhere in the continental U.S.

All are available for use in your program - use them all, or just select amounts. Gift books are available in each price level. No hidden costs, or cumbersome product hierarchies that aren't always equal - our products are broken up into 14 price levels for easy program maintenance.

How it works:

  • Products are separated into 14 price categories - Use any or all products in each level, or use all the products!

  • Pay only for the products you redeem - or, purchase gift books and emails online.

  • 50 gifts in each level ranging from $25-$1,000

  • Gift Books come in the delivered price levels - and can be purchased online.

  • Rewards websites are organized by price level or product category

How you pay for the gifts:

Gift Books and E-mails can be purchased online - and you are charged at checkout. Non customized books generally ship the next business day.

Award programs (catalog and websites) utilize our consolidated monthly billing. You are charged for the gifts that are redeemed.

Example: if your rewards program participants redeem six $25 gifts, Choose-Your-Gift will only bill you $150, and that includes gift, processing, and shipment within the lower 48 states. Illinois customers will be charged sales tax in their monthly consolidated billing.

Our programs are filled with only the best name brand merchandise.

Don't see a product you want? Since we deal directly with the manufacturers, we have access to even larger lines of products.

How you distribute the gift choice to recipients:

You can choose the administration style that best fits your program's demographic - traditional catalog based programs or online programs. We'll design and plan a solution that delivers success.

3 Easy Gift Distribution Styles:

Gift Books

Featuring 40 brand name gifts for your recipients to choose from. Available in 14 price levels, they are a great way to show your thanks.

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Gift Emails

Great way to distribute rewards to multiple people in many different areas. Recipients receive the email and follow the link to redeem online
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Gift Websites

Customized storefront, branded redemptions, easily add users and manage accounts, and provide reporting on your program.

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